The Internet Quartet is a recording service I offer with my friend and great violinist, Ian Cameron. Since 2001, we have been recording string tracks for people all over the world (US, UK, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong, etc). A client sends an mp3 of something they'd like strings on – which could be solo cello, or a whole string section – and we record it in our home studios. The full files are then uploaded for easy retrieval and ready to be mixed.

Internet Quartet FAQs

"Great interpretation!! Really like the take you have on the song, very nice flowing energy..."
– David Pendragon, Canberra, Australia

"Thanks ever so much for the work you've done on the tracks – all three of them are fantastic! The percussion cello, far from being too whacked-out, is great! It's great to have some really inventive playing on the tracks! You've captured the feel of the track perfectly – the little solo is inspired! Once again, thanks so much for all your work on these tracks – i'm absolutely thrilled with the results, and I'm humbled by the effort you've put in!"
– Simon Kerrou, Northampton, U.K.     
The New Directions Cello Association is a fabulous resource for those interested in the world of cello that goes beyond the traditional. Our annual gathering, the New Directions Cello Festival, borders on religious experience for cello fanatics. I sit on the board of directors and also teach at the festival every year.

Cello City Online is the bi-yearly newsletter of the New Directions Cello Association. I took over as editor in 2010 and have been having a lot of fun with it! To sign up to receive the newsletter, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the words "subscribe to CCO" or something similar in the subject line. (Because I send out two different newsletters now – the Wild Cello Monthly Newsletter & Cello City Online, it's important to distinguish between them. Yes, you can sign up for both!)

Clarence Boudreau is an excellent Victoria, BC luthier who has a major shout-out to my site on his cello repair page. If you're in the Victoria area and require the services of a great luthier, Clarence is your man!